Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 Year High School Reunion

This blog is actually about me...not there is still a ME! HA.

I graduated from Douglas County High School 10 years ago. I debated for quite a while about whether or not to attend my class reunion. I am so glad that I did. My old friend Meaghan Burke and I went together and we met Stacy there. I have been friends with both of them since elementary school. I met Meaghan at her parents house off of Happy Canyon road. They have lived in that house the whole time I have known her and it looks exactly the same inside and out. It was so nice to look around and see that nothing had changed. I got to talk with her mom for a while which was really nice. Meaghan's little sister Erin is recently engaged so I got to hear all about that excitement. I also got to talk to her mom about grandpa passing away this year. I grew up being close to Meaghan's grandpa. He was the sweetest man ever. He would show up to all of our volleyball games with a red rose for her and every once in a while one for me too. He always gave the best hugs. Meaghan and I headed to Castle Rock. The Reunion was a happy hour on the back patio of the Pegasus restaurant. Our class president Shannon O'Neill planned it. We graduated with about 365 people and I would say there were probably 100 people there. There were some people who looked exactly the same, a few that I wouldn't have recognized if they hadn't come up to me and I have to admit there were a few that I wouldn't have even known went to our high school. My friend Brook was there with her fiance Sam and she told us that she is pregnant. Brook and I have been friends since middle school and we were college roommates. All in all it was a really fun time getting to hear what everyone was up to. People came from out of state to be there. The happy hour closed down at 11pm and then a few of us went to a local bar down the street. Meaghan and I headed home around 1:30am. I had a long drive home and we were leaving for Nebraska the next morning.

I busted out my year book before the Reunion just for fun and I cried when I read what Stacy had written "Just think of graduating as opening the next chapter in our friendship. We still have kids to raise at the same time so they can be the best of friends and play barbies all night and fight over dumb things." Of course Lincoln and Connor probably won't play barbies together but they are going to grow up being the best of friends.

Me, Shelley, Stacy and Brook

Meaghan, Shelley, Shelly's husband, her 3rd boy and Amanda

Monday, September 8, 2008

6 Months Old

I always thought that time went by fast but now that I have a baby I think it goes by really really fast. Lincoln is 6 months old today. He is changing so much every day. He had a Dr appt today and he weighed in at 16lbs 8oz 40th percentile, he is 26 1/2 inches long 50th percentile and his head was 17 1/4 inches which is in the 50% percentile. The Dr said that he looked great. He smiled the whole time we were there and he charmed all of the ladies in the office. He had to have one immunization and then he got the flu shot. He got a shot in each leg. Yuck. He screamed but as soon as they were done he was fine. He is eating solid foods now. So far he has had yellow squash and carrots. I am making the baby food and it is really fun and easy. He is still nursing and eating cereal along with his veggies. He loves to be upside down and he laughs out loud a lot. He is a super happy and healthy baby. I am always telling him what a good baby he is and if he was older I would buy him ice cream. He is starting to get some teeth on the bottom. The Dr said that he felt bumps but it could still be several months before they arrive. He is rolling over like a champ now and he sits up pretty well on his own. He loves to stand with help. He has started sleeping on his tummy and his side which is super cute. We put him to bed on his back and then when we check on him he has moved to his side or his tummy. He is sleeping from 7pm to 7am and he takes two 2 hour naps a day. I a still loving being home with him every day. He is just so much fun and he keeps me entertained. As you can see in the pictures he was still happy even after seeing the Dr and getting two shots.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lincoln's Third Camping Trip

This past weekend we went camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was Lincoln's third camping trip this summer, but this was the first time for "real" camping meaning sleeping in a tent. Our group of friends headed up Friday night but we decided to wait and head up Saturday morning after Lincoln had eaten. We arrived at the camp site around 9:30 am Saturday morning. It was a beautiful drive up through Estes Park. The camp site was beautiful. When the reservation was made we were told that we could have two tents per site so we just reserved 2 sites. When the group got there they realized that was not the case. The tent pads were really small and there was only one per site. Greg and Ginger, Ebeth and Jason found a way to put both of their tents on one pad and then Carl and Denise put theirs on another one. We decided just to share a tent with Carl and Denise because the one they brought was huge. We were able to fit our king size double decker blow up mattress (I know....I know...but we have a baby) and also his pack in play in the tent along with Carl and Denise's blow up mattress. We had a fun day of cards and talking. It rained for a little while so we went to our tents but it didn't last long. Eli took Lincoln on a couple of walks in the back pack and of course he had his camera out taking lots of great pictures. We put Lincoln to bed at 7 and he went down pretty easily but then he continued to wake up about every hour. When we went to bed we brought him into bed with us to keep him warm but he just couldn't sleep. He would wake up out of a dead sleep crying. His nose was so stuffed up and we could tell he was miserable. We also felt terrible because we were sharing a tent with Carl and Denise. At 3am we gave up and drove home. When we got home we all went straight to bed. On Sunday morning when I went to get Lincoln out of bed his face was covered in snot and he just looked terrible. He caught his first cold. He has been coughing, sneezing and his nose is still running. Poor little guy. Eli had to drive back up to the campground on Sunday morning to pack up all of our stuff and then drive back home. Once Eli finally got home we all spent a lazy Sunday at home watching movies.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye Uncle Anthony

My brother is moving to Decatur Illinois to coach and be the marketing director for Millican University. It is a great opportunity for him and we pray that eventually it will bring him back to Colorado to coach for UNC or CSU. We picked him up from the airport on Saturday afternoon and he spent some time visiting friends throughout the week. We met him for dinner at CB & Potts on Wednesday night with his friend Kristen and then he came back home with us. We spent all day Wednesday together getting him ready for his move. Eli made a fabulous dinner of steaks, potatoes and salad on Thursday night. We enjoyed the evening with Anth and Kristen and then Lincoln and I took him to the airport this morning. We have been able to see him a lot since Lincoln was born so it is going to be hard to have him so far away. Thank goodness for technology. I keep a blog, Facebook, My Space and we send videos over you tube so he will be able to see and hear all about Lincoln while he is away.
Uncle Anthony giving his first bottle. Look at the love between them.

I think he looks like a Kerr here

What good looking boys

My shirtless boys

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Swim Date with the Alfords

We spent a wonderful Sunday with the Alfords. We joined them for Church Sunday morning and then headed over to their house in Reunion. They made us a wonderful lunch of chicken Caesar salad, pizza and an amazing peach dessert. After lunch we went to the Reunion pool. It was Lincoln's first time at the pool. He is just really mellow when he is in the water. It is a really great pool with a slide. Hayden can go down the slide now so we had fun watching him. The pool was great for Lincoln. It had a really nice area for babies. We all enjoyed some time in the sun and watching the kids play. Thanks Alfords for a wonderful day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Four Wonderful Years

Eli and I celebrated four years of marriage on June 26th. My parents came out for the weekend to watch Lincoln. It was our first time leaving him with someone else. We left on Saturday morning around 10am and headed to Estes Park. We spent the day shopping and enjoying the warm day. We had lunch at a neat restaurant that overlooked the town. We stopped by a really neat wine and cheese store and had them make us a beautiful meat and cheese tray. We picked out some wine and headed to our B and B to check in. The Bed and Breakfast was beautiful. We spent some time in the hammock on the property and in the hot tub that sits under a gazebo. Instead of going back into town for dinner we enjoyed our meat and cheese tray and wine on the patio. It was such a wonderful relaxing time. We spent some time telling each other what we love and admire about one another. It was a great time for us to reconnect after the busyness of adding our new family member. We headed home around 10 on Sunday morning. Mom and Dad said that Lincoln did great. It meant so much to me that they drove out to be his first babysitters.


When I lived at the Cairns house we were put into prayer groups of three and they were called PODS. I was blessed enough to be in a group with Jenny and Kari. We met periodically in one anothers rooms and shared prayer requests. It was such a special time to share our hearts and know that the others would be praying for us. Jenny lives in Colorado Springs with her husband John and their little boy Christian. They have another baby boy on the way. We met in Castle Rock for dinner on June 20th. We had a great time talking and reminiscing. We closed the restaurant down. I didn't get Lincoln home and into bed until 1am, but it was well worth it. We met in Castle Rock again for dinner on the 22nd of this month as a late birthday celebration for Kari. Our friend Johanna from the Cairns house joined us as well. We closed the restaurant down again. Thank God for great Christian friends.